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Wine Saver PRO
Wine Saver PRO® ready to serve your customers
Let not a drop of good wine be wasted.
Tim Fallon

Online StoreFINALLY, an AFFORDABLE, restaurant quality wine preserving system designed for restaurants by an actual restaurant owner.

Wine Saver PRO is the first multi-bottle wine preserve & serve system to protect and maintain the integrity of your “wines-by-the-glass program” using the preserving qualities of Argon Gas.

  • A practical and logical choice for restaurants, hotels, bars, wine retailers, wine wholesalers and wineries.
  • Offer your customers a wider and more exciting range of wines-by-the-glass with guaranteed freshness every time.
  • A cost effective and reliable restaurant quality system.
  • Use Wine Saver PRO to increase your premium wines-by-the-glass profits.
  • Realize a growth in sales, increased profits and customer satisfaction.
'Keep it Fresh' - imbibe magazine

Wines preserved using Wine Saver PRO

We've been saying it all along, now ...

Susanna Forbes and an impeccable team of tasters put wine preservers to the test for imbibe magazine's Keep it Fresh feature, with "Wine Saver PRO coming out top" source: imbibe Magazine, July / August, 2008

Function and Design:

  • Ergonomic and compact design.
  • User-friendly and built to take-on the punishment of the restaurant industry.
  • Completely self-contained, portable and commercial grade quality.
  • Sleek modern design, easily fits into any bar environment.
  • Simple and safe to operate, virtually “zero” maintenance and costs about $1 per bottle to operate.
  • Wine Saver PRO can be a huge sales catalyst, as an incentive tool for wine wholesalers and wineries to sell their wines. Offer a free or discounted unit to sales outlets for maintaining your wines on the system.
  • Wine Saver PRO will accommodate virtually any 750 ML bottles.
Customer Testimonial
"Your product is the greatest invention since fire."
Roger Beynon, Chief Strategy Officer, Usability Sciences Corp